25 January 2015

DEEP JOY TRIO - Rough mix. Unreleased studio recording 2009.

PAUL DUNMALL - tenor and soprano saxophones, Bb and bass clarinet
PAUL ROGERS - 7 string, ALL bass
TONY LEVIN - drums

1. Deep Joy searches  9:14
2. Deep Joy creates  6:39
3. Deep Joy expressed  23:13
4. Deep Joy ends  16:18
5. chat  2:45

Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  9th November 2009

This is terrific.  The rough mix is totally fine balance-wise, I just brought the volume levels up a bit.
Paul Dunmall has suggested sharing this.  Amazing.


Andy said...


wightdj said...

Thank you and Paul, for the idea!

Colin Green said...

Thanks very much. Can't have enough of this trio.

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

Very cute artwork, too. Especially the graffiti. :-) Damn kids, this here basalt is a pristine national treasure!!
Can't wait to listen; thanks again, Andy. And again, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Big thanks Andy...and much appreciated Paul.

Danny said...

Indeed, terrific !! Always a pleasure to hear this trio. Thanks Andy.

SOTISE said...

thank you both, this trio is Magnificent!

toci said...

Great.Thank you Andy.And Paul of course.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks Andy, thanks Paul.

denap said...

thx, love it.

JC said...

Thanks all.