22 October 2012


Another great one has left us - R.I.P.

Borah Bergman (December 13, 1926, Brooklyn – October 18, 2012, New York) .

He died the same day as David S. Ware....don't know wether they ever met but I imagine a meeting where ever they are now.


Borah Bergman, piano
Anthony Braxton, alto saxophone, contrabass clarinet, contrabass flute, flute, sopranino saxophone
Peter Brötzmann, alto saxophone, clarinet, tarogato, tenor saxophone

1. Falconets                     06:02    
2. Propelling The Barricade     08:17    
3. La Bas                     03:11    
4. Bending The Blend             05:21    
5. The Second Whirlpool     09:58    
6. The Red Castle             03:56    
7. Webology                     08:31    
8. Three Rivers             03:41

Recorded at Mixtery Studio, Trumbull, CT, April 1996


A longer interview from 2005 you might read here


onxidlib said...
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glmlr said...

Another one sadly gone ...

Anonymous said...

born: december 13th 1926 !!

statement from his family.

Borah Bergman, brother, uncle, friend, brilliant avant-garrde jazz pianist and mentor to many younger musicians, died peacefully in Boston, on Thursday
, October 18 at age 85.

He had a dream that to be an extraordinary pianist you had to do something that no one else could do. As he said, “I knew there was no point in sounding almost as good as Bud Powell.” After years of relentless practice and single-minded intensity, he was able to teach his left hand to play everything his right hand could. This resulted in an extraordinary ambidextrous technique that Borah often humorously referred to as friendly “hand-to-hand combat.” He also developed a crossed hands technique, which gave him an innovative and nuanced approach to improvisation. In the end, he was able to achieve his goal. He made more than two dozen solo and ensemble recordings, receiving critical acclaim in Europe, Asia and here at home.

To know Borah was to be challenged, provoked, entertained, awed and ultimately inspired. He will be missed by his family, friends and loyal admirers around the world.

Borah’s sister, Erma Kranz, can be reached at: ermalan@xxxxx.net

Plans are in the works for a memorial event in New York City.

glmlr said...

I didn't realise his age ... his Wikipedia page gives his birth year as 1933.

onxidlib said...

Thank you Erma Kranz/family!

Unfortunately I live far away from the US - but I will not forget my first encounter with his music!
Baffled but at the same time uplifted - these were my feelings then and I still feel the same when I hear him today.

I would like to offer my deeply felt condolence.
He will remain unforgotten!

serviceton said...

Thanks for this one.
Intriguing lineup. Outside of Globe Unity, could this be the only time Braxton and Brotzmann played together?

I remember picking up Bergman's first Soul Note LP with this super-intense-looking guy on the cover. On playing the LP within, I recall being floored by what he was doing.
Sad that the cruel disease of dementia took hold of him and that now..he is gone. RIP Borah Bergman.

Anonymous said...

Not only here and in Globe Unity did they play together. I'm aware of at least one more occasion, where they played a duet: Wuppertal, May 1985.

Apart from that... this CD is still available, and so I have not the slightest idea why it's "shared" here.

onxidlib said...

Where did you find a copy which was not a used one?
As far as I know it is OOP.
I tried to get it for a shop many times to no avail...not domestic and not as an import.

Anonymous said...

http://www.jazzloft.com/p-34574-eight-by-three.aspx - if you want this, go order there please instead of downloading it here. The musicians, label + distributor will appreciate it.

If you want to hear my opinion: I think this should be taken down. I think it doesn't match the spirit of this otherwisely great blog.

onxidlib said...

Link removed - see comment above!

Ilario Rozen said...


DW said...

The Jazz Loft closed in 2014 and left, apparently, no forwarding address.


Is anyone aware of a place one might purchase this CD. Discogs had none available Same for MusicStack.

Any suggestions...?

onxidlib said...

Try Down Town Music Gallery in New York.

DW said...

onxidlib, thanks!!