6 March 2012


Finally Andy's recording from a quintet led by Paul Rutherford with two bassists.
The picture from Mr. Rutherford is by Gerard Rouy.


Paul Rutherford, trombone
Simon Picard, tenor saxophone
Paul Rogers, bass
Marcio Mattos, bass
Tony Marsh, drums

First Set - 40:38
Second Set - 46:03

Recorded at Rumours, London, UK on 18th October, 1991.

Cassette recording by Andy.


onxidlib said...

Unfortunately oron won't upload these files (they say that this files are triggering their security...) and fileserve isn't inclined to take any uploads during the last days although I have an account.

So here are only the rapidshare links:

Set 1


Set 2

Wallofsound said...

Thanks for the music. And I find with jDownloader and patience rapidshare isn't a problem.

Andy said...

Thanks onx. Great picture! :)

glmlr said...

Thank you Onx. Rutherford will be missed for a long time to come.

riccardo said...

fileserve set1 | fileserve set2

oron set1 | oron set2

crocko set1 | crocko set2

btw great post: thanks to both.

onxidlib said...

Thank you Riccardo for filling the "gap"!!

Bozo the Clown said...

Bozo and his lovely wife got to meet Paul Rutherford after a Charlie Watts Big Band show here in town, which was fantastic! At the bar afterward he told a group of us a long, involved joke about something happening at an English race-track.We all laughed riotously until we realized we had NO idea what the punchline was! He is the "Soul" of the modern trombone, and one of the unifying glues of modern music. Andy must know some great stories...PS- Great to see you all working together to keep different links up and the whole SOL Train rollin' along-Thanks! PPS- also a rare and great showing for Picard, and what a rythm section, too.

JC said...

Thanks to all.

wightdj said...

Fantastisch! Thanks.

Arcturus said...

greatly appreciated, onxidilb

kinabalu said...

Onx, Oron prefers file names to be less identifiable, so if you had upploaded something titled PRQ_R_S1, it would have worked fine. Happened to me, too.

ceedee said...

Rutherford just leaves me speechless, it's, well... you know

Oh, and thanks.

Anonymous said...

any chance to re-up RS part 2 ?
thanks a lot !!