12 March 2012

CMIF (Creative Musicians Improvisers Forum - 1983/84)

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See also CMIF 'The Sky Cries The Blues'



cassette: 12 - 23 - 84

[Tape - Side A]

1. "Shepaug Strut"* (B.Naughton) (11/83) 04:35
Bobby Naughton, vibes
Joe Fonda, bass
Randy Kaye, drums

2. "There You Go Again" (B.Naughton) (12/84) 08:58
Creative Improvisors Orchestra
Marty Ehrlich, Dwight Andrews, J.D.Parran, Patience Higgins, Courtney Winters,
Leo Smith, Frank Gordon, George Alford, Bill Lowe, Ray Anderson,
Bobby Naughton, Trudy Silver(piano), Thurman Barker, Gerry Hemingway,
Ralph Williams, Wes Brown, Joe Fonda, Mario Pavone (digital recording)

3. "Blue Africa" (Randy Weston) (12/84) 08:58
Creative Improvisors Orchestra
Melba Liston, conductor
Randy Weston, piano
(This excerpt is all I have!! - digital recording)

4. "Untitled" (Slide Hampton) (12/83) 09:33
Creative Improvisors Orchestra
solo: Slide + Anthony Davis duo
(see brochure for personnel)

5. "Untitled" (Frank Gordon) (12/84) 14:48
Creative Improvisors Orchestra
Frank Gordon, trumpet
(same personnel as # 2)

[Tape - Side B]

1. "Pomperaug Diversions"* (B.Naughton) (11/83) 05:53
same as # 1, side A

2. "Stratusfunk" (George Russel) (1983>>) 07:01
Untitled Connecticut "Club" Group - Hartford

3. "Jah, Jah, is the perfect Love" (Leo Smith) (Chicago, 1983) 02:44
Leo Smith, trumpet
Joe Fonda, bass
Umshaka, bass
Kahil El'Zabar, percussion
Louis Meyer, guitar
Bobby Naughton, vibes

4. "Peace Is Impossible" (Leo Smith) (2/83) 05:18
Leo Smith, [trumpet]
Michael Gregory Jackson, guitar
Wes Brown, electric piano
Mario Pavone, bass
Joe Fonda, bass
??, drums

5. "Star" (Leo Smith) 03:40
Leo Smith, [trumpet]
Bobby Naughton, synthesizer
Thurman Barker, drums
Wes Brown, bass
Marty Ehrlich, [reeds]
James Emery, [guitar]

6. "Haw Hee" (B.Naughton) 07:14
CMIF Orchestra
(same as # 2, side A)
soloists: Bobby Naughton - Marty Ehrlich - Patience Higgins - J.D.Parran

7. "Goodbye"* (G.Jenkins) 07:20
(same as # 1)

* to be released in Jan.85 on ROUMANIAN TAPES -- (strictly audiophile, high price products -- open reel only -- 15 I.P.S. or VIDEO DIGITAL CASSETTE. i.e. no cassette or record).

Note : I have omitted "Shepaug Strut" and "Pomperaug Diversions".These tracks are available through Bobby Naughton's website as download > http://www.bobbynaughton.com/#store

lineage : ?? > cassette > pc > magix > tlh

Nothing altered or changed - only tracking.

All information is from a leaf (from "Contents" onward) included in the cassette except [...].




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Fascinating and very welcome! I'm not quite understanding though - this is from a cassette release (low-run, hand-made or otherwise)? - Or from a privately made cassette ?
At any rate - many thanks !

onxidlib said...

This is not from an official release. A colleague got it from Bobby Naughton.
There was a plan to release the tracks with an "*" - this I know from my workmate and it's written on the leaf which was included in the cassette.
The ones which I omitted one can dl from Bobby Naughton's website.
As for the others I believe a release would have been welcomed by the musicians as well!

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Dropbox - 2GB maximum space (this single album here is almost 400MB)
More critically perhaps - 10GB of traffic per day on any given file .
I'm afraid that if RS and Oron are Mickey Mouse, then Dropbox surely may be Donald Duck - at least for the purposes required at a music-sharing blog.

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Personally, i find very useful to use Dropbox for samples to my posts but, it's ridiculous to think of a more extensive use ...

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