24 August 2011


I don't know wether the title is genuine but the music is marvelous - as are all Manfred Schoof's projects during the seventies.
A time which is seminal for the european Jazz in general.
But listen and judge for yourself.


Manfred Schoof, trumpet
John Tchicai, alto saxophone, flute
Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Gunter Hampel, vibes, bass clarinet, clarinet, soprano saxophone
Peter Trunk, bass, cello
John Stevens, drums, cornet

01. Moment's Treat 10:54
02. Announcement M.Schoof 04:39
03. European Accents 18:02
04. Announcement M.Schoof 00:48
05. Time Changes 12:06
06. Announcement M.Schoof 00:59
07. Collective Actions 06:48
08. Announcement M.Schoof 00:33
09. Surprising Things 06:19
10. final applause/'thanks' 00:23

Recorded on 11th March at Jazz aus Studio 2,WDR, Köln, Germany.



onxidlib said...
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-Otto- said...

Thanks! Great line-up too with Hampel, Tchicai, and all, and let's not forget Peter Trunk who was killed in a traffic accident in NY the following year. What a great talent he was.

glmlr said...

I have this as 11 March 1972, but you have 3 November 1972.

The old problem of how to write dates ...

Does anyone know which is correct?

onxidlib said...

I checked it - in my collection and in the www - and I mailed the NDR.
They have broadcasted part of the first track in February.

At the moment I would say you are correct Glmlr.

As soon as I get a reply I shall inform you all...

onxidlib said...

I've changed the header according the pdf of the above mentioned broadcast.

'...& The European Avantgarde' and not '...Jazz Avantgarde'

Anonymous said...

What an amazing lineup. John Stevens would seem to be the wild card in this mix. I'm not sure if I've ever come across him with any of these players before. And Gunter Hampel is, in my opinion, an unsung master; I have many of his '70s birth LPs [unfortunately no turntable though] and his recordings are just not to be found on the blogosphere. Looking forward to listening to this. Any idea what the recording lineage is: SBD? Many thanks.


wightdj said...

super, thanks.

onxidlib said...

lineage: broadcast - reel to reel - ?? - cd-r - trade - magix - tlh

I got this and several other recordings through trade - all had 'broadcast' as origin.

kinabalu said...

Brian, we have in fact posted two of the Birth albums plus a number of live recordings. Check the labels column on the right. It seems that one of them has lapsed, so I may have to redo that one, "Familie".

onxidlib said...

New link courtesy mew23 > http://2m79323coa.1fichier.com/

-Otto- said...

Thank you for the new version by mew23!

francisco santos said...