5 May 2007

update your blogrolls,2 new free jazz blogs, 2 great live music blogs

hi all
jizzz relics-http://jizzrelics.blogspot.com/
where youll find nothing but out of print ,free jazz,improv and avant rock, lots of early icp, ictus(andrew cyrille -loops), don cherry/brotzman bootleg , and dare i say it jost ,early OOP fmp and fmp related stuff,(irene schweitzer, manfred schoof,pierre favre)

huppes et hyalites- http://huppeshyalites.blogspot.com/2007/05/pyrochroa-coccinea.html
lots of beautiful photos of insects and other garden dwellers as well as some fantastic,live jazz and improv, and rips of rare records(live-lacy and ab baars, evan parker,charles loyd)
rare rips of-anthony braxton,michel portal,the leaders

up the down stair- http://www.upthedownstair.net/
some great live broadcasts, including great shows by ornette coleman, roscoe mitchell, houndog taylor and the groundhogs

the clock that went backwards- http://musictravellers.blogspot.com/
lots of incredible live stuff including now dig this 13, yes not 12 but thirteen skeleton crew shows(thats fred frith and tom cora), a great doctor john show, as well as shows by unexpected performers like 70's avant prog band area.


H&H said...

Thanks for the link Dipmong, and for the compliments. By the way, a new points..I mean a new post is coming soon at h&h.

jizzrelics said...

thank you for the link man!

hideo said...
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hideo said...

hmmm ... I think that we should be the ones thanking all three of you!!